Meet the Governors

Local School Advisory Board

Deneholm Primary School is part of the South West Essex Community Education Trust. For a link to the new Trust website which provides further information about each Academy in the Trust and the Trust’s governance arrangements click below: 

SWECET Website

Each school in the Trust, Deneholm Primary included, has its own Scheme of Delegation.  This is available by clicking below

Scheme of Delegation

The Trust entered into a supplementary funding agreement with the Department for Education for Deneholm Primary School. This and other legal or financial documents are available on the Trust website at 

SWECET Website

To contact the Trustees or the Chair of Trustees, please contact Peter Melville (Company Secretary) at:

Local School Advisory Board (LSAB):

Each Trust school has an LSAB which works with the Headteacher to provide community insight and support the school's development. Meetings are held termly and minutes are provided to the Trust Board.

The governing body aims to ensure that children are attending a successful school which provides them with a good education and supports their well-being. The Local Governing Body at Deneholm Community Primary School work together with the head teacher and teaching staff to set the future direction for the school. We have a strong and effective working relationship and are committed to ensuring that every child achieves their full potential in a happy and caring environment.