Deneholm Primary School

Headteacher’s Welcome  


Deneholm Primary School is part of a group of academy schools who work supportively together through the South West Essex Community Education Trust. Each school maintains its own uniqueness whilst gaining support for pupil’s learning by collaborative joint working.

Deneholm Primary was judged as a ‘Good’ school in all in all areas and ‘Outstanding’ for Personal development, behaviour and welfare – March 2018.

At Deneholm each child is seen as an individual and we support them to do their very best in their journey through school. It is our role to provide good quality Teaching and Learning opportunities, supporting children to their next steps and aiming for their best progress possible. We have a good team of skilled professionals who support the children throughout their time in school.  We want children to be happy and engaged in their learning where ever possible. We expect children to try their hardest and show a good attitude in their learning journey and towards others in school. We believe partnerships between home and school to be vital in ensuring the best education for every child.

Our curriculum is designed to suit the full ranges of abilities and ages within school. It is planned to have many interesting topics that will appeal to a wide range of interests. We give due value to teaching the core subjects such as Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science. We also have a well-planned curriculum of topic and linked themes which bring the children’s learning to life and supports a wide range of their interests. The curriculum for the youngest children is suited to their needs and development and offers a good outside learning area.  ICT skills are taught and developed to support understanding throughout school. Extra-curricular activities are seen as important in offering a broad and balanced curriculum and these include trips out, visitors to school, clubs and offering support to a wide range of charities. 

We support children in their development of good life and social skills. Most children will enjoy school and their time in school. Some children will have learning, social or physical difficulties during their time in school, we will work with individuals and their families to provide appropriate support for them to make their best progress and receive the best support possible. In school we are able to off Nurture Provision to give some children valuable support. We will also access specialist support, where needed, from other providers out of school.

At Deneholm there are two classes in each year which allows teachers and children to work together across the year group. Daily assemblies bring the school together to celebrate individual, class and whole school successes as well as teaching about the schools 5 key elements of personal and spiritual growth; Resourcefulness, Resilience, Reasoning, Responsibility and Reflection. 

The children enjoy their play and social times and there is ample space around the school for them to share.

More detailed information is available on the School Website.  We will be happy to show you around our school, please contact the School Office for more information.