Unavoidable Closures


On occasions, schools across the country find themselves in the position of having to close due to an emergency situation for example gas, water, sewerage leaks, failure of the boiler and heating systems or severe inclement weather.


When an emergency situation occurs, or the school is closed due to bad weather conditions, the Headteacher and Chair of the Governing Body liaise with the Local Education Authority to make an informed decision about whether the school needs to close for Health & Safety reasons – such a decision is never taken lightly.  At all times, the Health & Safety of the children, parents and staff is of paramount concern.


In the event that this school has to close the Headteacher notifies the radio stations listed below.  Access to the radio stations emergency line is restricted to the use of Headteachers by means of a password to avoid hoax calls.  There is no parental access to the emergency line.  In the event of unexpected adverse weather conditions closing the school, the Headteacher notifies the radio stations below who issue regular bulletins to parents notifying them of the school’s closure.


If overnight, weather conditions make it likely that the school may be unable to open the next morning, we would advise parents to listen to the radio stations given below or check on Essex Radio’s website as they issue bulletins related to school closures.  If you do not hear our school’s name read out by the news presenter, or it is not listed on their ”schools closed” website, please send your child to school as normal.  



Essex FM – 96.3/102.6

Website www.essexfm.co.uk (Look at “Snow Guide” and then “Schools closed in Essex”)

BBC Essex – 95.3/103.5

Website www.bbc.co.uk/essex